Letter to My Loved One

everyone could laugh
everyone could see
but i could give damn because you're beautiful to me
yeah i said some stuff that i surely do regret
i'm really sorry B
i just hope you won't forget

all the things i write
have been comin' from the heart
yes i am in love
an i have been from the start
all of my love is sadly tearin' us apart
i ask myself everyday why i need your heart
some might assume this is sad an pathetic
an all of this shit is wrong but i know its poetic
love is my weapon even if i am alone
so i'm ready for whatever just hit me through the phone

love is love
not a thought
i feel what i feel like hate
but it's not
can you stand the rain?
i know i can
since day one its been all the same
me trying so hard for you...

to you it might be nonsense or obsession at its highest
but love is all i feel B
L O V E is what is real
just believe . . .

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freesammie profile image

freesammie 6 years ago

I love it I felt the same way for a certain someone long time ago that really touched me!

Richlove profile image

Richlove 6 years ago from Denver,CO Author

i'm glad we can both relate to this poem!

Chuck RitenouR profile image

Chuck RitenouR 6 years ago from Front Royal, Virginia

very nice.

Richlove profile image

Richlove 6 years ago from Denver,CO Author

thanks a bunch man. yo your lyrics? do you play an instrument to them you know like guitar or something or are they just written lyrics??

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