Fear Not (A Christian Poem About Letting Go Of Fear)

Comforting the Moon.  Acrylic Painting by Kelly Pittman
Comforting the Moon. Acrylic Painting by Kelly Pittman | Source

Chris Tomlin- Whom then shall I Fear?

A Poem

I am not afraid of the dark.

I am afraid of what I cannot see

Find a fire, light a spark

Make all the shadows flee

Paralyzed by fear; I’m still

I am afraid of the unknown

I search inside to find the will

To move forward on my own

For so long I thought I was alone

I was afraid of what I couldn’t see

Until I learned that I was wrong

I let go of the fears and let it be

I found the light I was looking for

It was with me all along

Inside myself there is a door

To the One Upon the Throne

He walks with me through the darkness

I need not see what lies ahead

I need not fear what’s in the future

I need not feel the dread

He’s my light and my redeemer

He shows me the way to go

Through the fire and darkness

I will not go alone

Jesus loves me and my fears are gone

He lights the pathways I am to travel

I will trust in Him and keep on

I will watch my fears unravel

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Felecia H. 17 months ago

Kelly, thank you for the wonderful inspiration and courage that this poem has given to me. We are studying Psalm 91, I was kicking myself for not having written a poem concerning our studies when I decided to look for one on line. I read it during our prayer line and was asked by one of the leaders for a copy of it. As I looked for the name of the author to give you your accolades, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to thank you personally. I hope it's okay with you for me to share your work with fellow believers.

May God Bless and keep you!

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 3 years ago from london

Great effort. Right connections.

Free2writ3 profile image

Free2writ3 4 years ago from Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania

Great poem. Very inspirational.

mismazda profile image

mismazda 4 years ago from a southern georgia peach

Amen..Jesus will take away all our fears only if we let him..great poem. Voted up..:)

ndaffinee profile image

ndaffinee 4 years ago from Jumbled Brain, USA

I may need to print this and post on the fridge or something! Fear is really good at incapacitating me.

unknown spy profile image

unknown spy 4 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

Very beautiful. God always love us. WE just have to believe in Him. A great write.

voted up and all.


lifegate profile image

lifegate 4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing!

AudreyHowitt profile image

AudreyHowitt 4 years ago from California

Beautiful and gentle piece--well-done!

Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 4 years ago from South Carolina

Thanks for sharing this beautiful and useful poem that reminds us that we are not alone and can release our fears.

Voted up across the board except for funny.

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia

Up, awesome, and beautiful votes Kelly. This is a very beautiful poem, very touching and a great message.

Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 5 years ago from HubPages, FB

awesome poem.

KellyPittman profile image

KellyPittman 5 years ago from Walker, LA Author

Thank you so much. This was one of those poems that just came to me as I typed. I started with the first lines/idea of not being afraid of the darkness, but afraid of not being able to see what lies in the darkness and the rest just flowed. Honestly, as I was writing this, as the words appeared on the screen it was a comfort to me.. I realized that #1, Yes, I was definitely afaid, but that #2, I am not alone! He works in mysterious ways. Even in my own ideas. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment.

God is Good.

LadyFiddler profile image

LadyFiddler 5 years ago from Somewhere in the West

This is very lovely and i can relate 100% I was such a scaredy cat ad afraid of the darkness i use to wish that it never had night because of my fears. My pastor told me to read psalms 23, 27 and 91 everyday and i am confessing that those Psalms David wrote was very instrumental in helping me overcome my fear. GOD has delivered me i still have some fears but now i can walk in the dark, stay home alone etc. GOD and his son is awesome.

Let us keep magnifying Him for his deliverance.

Keep good and nice song you have there

Shalom and peace be unto you.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA.

Great poem and hub! God Bless!

gmaoli profile image

gmaoli 5 years ago from South Carolina

Very well done! That's quiet a way of showing the source of the fear is within our own minds. Loved it!

Tams R profile image

Tams R 5 years ago from Missouri

Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

KellyPittman profile image

KellyPittman 5 years ago from Walker, LA Author

Thank you Cara. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

Cara.R profile image

Cara.R 5 years ago from New York


I thought your poem was beautiful and a tribute to "As I walk through the valley of the shadow of darkness I shall fear no evil."... very touching.

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