Leviathan, the Mothership


The warm, Sunday evening casually slipped away at it's usual pace of a lazy summer stroll, taken through the neighborhoods and parks and suburban downtown market districts where life bustles to a modest extent, utilizing no more space and time then necessary for retention of age old values and traditions that bring together generations of families over a common joy. A joy that births the framework of family and culture, unity and compassion, love and friendship. Intriguing indeed is the meaning and sentimental value that human life attaches to things as intangible as a particular day of the week.

This day however, would forever be an outcast, a brave new leader among the ranks of lethargic sun-kissed weekends as the sky began to curiously shift and bend while the evening floated ever so dreamily onward. Before long, the hour struck 6 o clock, whereupon the sky was opened up in a spectacular burst of both radiant energy, and profound silence. What crept down through the overcast was a globe like super-entity of brilliant light rivaling that of the Sun. It appeared to hover through the atmosphere, overwhelmingly quiet and seemingly falling forever in slow motion. Gravity was no match for the evident God-like power of this thing, as it shrugged off any notion of modern physics in its quest to reach the surface of the Earth. Cumulonimbus formations soon cradled the being as if in preparation for what was expected to be a ground-shaking landing, and thus painted the picture that a storm was looming on the expansive horizon. The contrast of the clouds against the enormous girth of the object in turn gave every terrified, mystified and otherwise stupefied human below a true visual representation of the objects grand, and paralyzing scale.

Most have fled out of instinctual panic after the first few minutes of the presence of the globe-like structure in Earth's middle troposphere, favoring instead to return home and defend all that is dear to them. Yet there are still those that remain, few the number may be, trapped in a state of mesmerization, perpetually gazing upward as their brains desperately try to come to terms with what is quickly becoming apparent as an object foreign to at least Earth itself. Then suddenly, with the same eerie and peculiar lack of any sound whatsoever, the motion of the gargantuan object ceased completely. The ensnaring light dimmed to nothing, and the clouds dissipated and broke, chunking the sky with dampened cotton and displaced atmosphere. As a result, a staggering and horrifying truth was revealed: Comfortably nestled high among the clouds, majestic, all knowing, and resting as if having been drained completely from the journey to Earth from the great heavens above, was in reality no solar divinity much less a man-made structure. It was in fact a living, mechanized, orb-like goliath of obvious celestial engineering, capable of use as a means of apparent transportation, possible communication, and potential annihilation.

This was a Mothership. A leviathan of biomechanical technology far outreaching even the most triumphant of Earths capabilities.

Several moments passed before any activity from the Mothership could be witnessed at all and then, emerging from the center point at the very bottom of the orb was some sort of pillar, with a frontal dish-shaped cone attached at the end. What looked liked currents of electricity could be seen being generated at the top of the pillar, then sent down in waves toward the base of the cone. One can only presume this step is intended for storage, stockpiling energy to be used once the apparatus has reach optimal performance levels. At the sight of this, life on Earth had reached Armageddon, a space-age apocalypse, with every man, woman and child attempting to escape the oncoming shockwave.

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Marsei profile image

Marsei 4 years ago from New Orleans

I enjoyed this. Great use of imagination and I like the writing style. And I totally believe it could happen.

Voted up and awsome.


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