Lies That Were Never True

Is there a burning flame
That fires your existence?
Or is there frozen ice
That controls your indifference

When you see a man walking along a bridge between rich and poor
Do you see a thief or the heart of human being knocking on your door?
And do you blame this “beggar” for every wrong committed against you?
Or do you see the wickedness of the lies told of him that were never true?

Is there a prayer offered
Of our human tragedy?
Or is there only judgment
Of your neighbor’s morality?

When you see a man of color asking for assistance because of the sins of our fathers
Do you assume weakness or ask if he was born into the life of abandoned mothers?
And do you blame this “criminal” for every wrong committed against you?
Or do you see the accusations made against his people that were never true?

Is there understanding
Of the randomness of birth?
Or is there only pride
In your inherited worth?

When you enjoyed the gifts of loving parents and the lessons they gladly taught
Do you assume your superiority in life or give thanks for what cannot be bought?
And do you blame the “envious” for every wrong committed against you?
Or do you see how your advantage made you believe lies that were never true?

Is there tolerance
In a man’s choices
Or are his freedoms
Only empty voices?

When a man tells you he does not believe in the things that you were taught long ago
Do you praise his right to speak or do you retreat to where only like minds can go?
And do you blame the “ignorant” for every wrong committed against you?
Or do you see how a closed mind made you believe lies that were never true?

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sweethearts2 profile image

sweethearts2 3 years ago from Northwest Indiana

The cycle of thinking (believing) what we accept as truth does keep us ignorant and controlled if we let it and we often do. Very useful hub. Voted up

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 3 years ago from TEXAS

Excellent poem, dear Mark, so full of wisdom and clear-thinking.

Each person tends to see his/her own subjective perspective and to project it onto whatever is 'out there' beyond our noses, unless we truly try to think more objectively and honestly. But the thing is, we can never be sure we are more objective & honest because whatever is coming into us is going through our consciousness at any given moment so it is always subjectively tainted just by being considered by our most subjective organ, our brain, and fed & supported by our most subjective sensory devices - eyes, ears, etc. We cannot escape that, but being aware of it helps us be less quick to judge. Even so, with all that is going on in us, - we can and should try to see and feel clearly as possible.

wayne barrett profile image

wayne barrett 3 years ago from Clearwater Florida

Profound verse, Mark. There is a huge difference between, inexperienced ignorance, and willful ignorance.

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