Life is Beautiful: Believe it works


One day I saw some kids playing in sand. Creating some nice shapes & building small forts.They were trying there best to make it world's The Best fort. They were totally focused on their work. I was appreciating their creativity innocence.

When I was coming back from there I was thinking about those kids. I realized I also had all these qualities when I was a kid. But where have all these qualities gone.

When we grow up logically everything should have grown. :) but how come our innocence gets lost somewhere? Why we lose our beautiful smile. Why we are worried about future, Why??

And I come to a conclusion. Why not I try this? & How can I do this? are really nice questions to keep on asking myself, And I found these questions are helping me grow in other dimension of my life.

Whenever I get some free time I observe kids around. how they play? what do they do? and how they enjoy every moment? This all make me happy.

And there is a question What if I fail. makes me worry a lot. Drains my energy. & does not give any output. Adults have many questions which start with "What if?" & they lost there innocence there. :)

Every small moment enjoyed with a big smile makes our life beautiful. There is no point on wasting life in small unnecessary things. Like thinking what other people are thinking about you.

Know the value of the question you ask. Right question can give you a strength. Inspiration to live. energy to smile. happiness to share. & so called positive attitude.

Wrong questions can do the opposite of that. Only tensions. no enthusiasm. no happiness. no energy.

Choice is our hand. (ohhh sorry our Thoughts) No doubt. Life is beautiful. Just know this. & Believe in this.

This is lovely quote on beautiful life

Life is beautiful when we are able to share the best in us with the world.
Life is beautiful when we are able to share the best in us with the world. | Source

Smile is the most important thing in Life

I always like this quote on smile. Because smile is the most important thing in our life. If we can smile in all situation we are successful.

We like to play with kids, look at them makes us happy it is all possible because they always smile. Smile from heart on small small achievements celebrate with smile & you will know the power of smile

Don't ever Forget....

"We learn from failure, not from success!
" Don't lose your smile "

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Charu Bhatnagar profile image

Charu Bhatnagar 5 years ago from India

Beautiful thoughts and nicely written. You are right, as we grow up we lose our most precious quality, maybe life's struggles and tensions take this out of us.

Shrikrishnap profile image

Shrikrishnap 5 years ago from Bangalore Author

Hi Charu Thanks for your comment...

In my opinion life is a nice game and not a war. When we play any game it doesn't matter whether we win or lose. we make it like a war & want to win every time we go through some challenge. :) This expectation makes us run all the time & somewhere we forget that Life is beautiful game & start collecting stress & tensions... But once we realize this fact Life is a beautiful journey :)

Neha Bandodkar 5 years ago

Beautifully written krishna.

Shrikrishnap profile image

Shrikrishnap 5 years ago from Bangalore Author

Thanks Neha :) for your comment.

Iampankaj profile image

Iampankaj 5 years ago from Bangalore

Hey nice one man :)

Dame Scribe profile image

Dame Scribe 5 years ago from Canada

I like that attitude, ask questions and seek out the answers, because we do grow in many ways. Great hub!

Shrikrishnap profile image

Shrikrishnap 5 years ago from Bangalore Author

@ Iampankaj Thanks for your comment

Shrikrishnap profile image

Shrikrishnap 5 years ago from Bangalore Author

Thanks Dame Scribe :) Sometimes when we ask questions to ourself we get answers. Some answers are not correct but then searching correct answer is also fun :)

Archa Ghodge profile image

Archa Ghodge 4 years ago from India

Great post. Its so true that when we realize that life is beautiful ,our perception towards all the things in life changes.

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