Poem Life's To Short

There's nowhere inside for the tears to hide,

as you watch your life slowly fade,

you mistakenly grasp for the pride,

other's in your life have freely gave.

The days of life quickly send,

time becomes our greatest foe,

rushing headlong unto the end,

it's only when your young, it goes so slow.

The last day of dreams taunt and smite,

bold visions of the future always afar,

will your eyes open after another night,

or become an echo of a star.

Shadows before us look so dim,

behind us stretch out so long,

each step we take, life's on a limb,

divisions of right and wrong.

It's only age that holds the fire's embers,

a glow that warms our hearts,

when your young no one remembers,

life's journey is over the moment it starts.

Live each day like it's your last,

above all remember to smile,

your future quickly becomes you're past,

faces fall out of style.


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