Like a rainbow in my hand

Loneliness is like a prison cell, it chills you to the bone,

alone with your memories in your head they make there home,

sometimes they whisper and then they make you cry,

it's only the happy ones that make you want to sigh.

Sometimes it's weird, hard to understand,

trying to hold a memory is like holding a rainbow in your hand,

I thought I seen a familiar soul walking down the street,

it's only when we almost passed, our eyes refused to meet.

My mind's on autopilot, it takes me here and there,

it has me chained with suspicion, almost everywhere,

each step I take is madness, like walking on a rope,

tears that smile with sadness, a grieving heart of hope.

There's nothing worse than being alone,

when your standing in a crowd,

it's like pretending your on the phone,

and talking really loud.

Can I really trust you, or is it just a ruse,

what am I supposed to do when all I do is lose.

I see you in the morning when the sun begins to rise,

you follow me like a shadow, to me that's no surprise,

The heart and eyes are connected,

some people love what they see,

but not everything's respected,

the way it's meant to be.

My words are filled with meaning,

but it's missed by the few,

some people think im dreaming,

but all my words are true.

Its only took a minute, to see what I have wrote,

these words have took a lifetime to be, more than just a quote,

you can see where its going, it's more than just a trend,

but don't be to disappointed when you realise it's the end.

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Irena Petlaca profile image

Irena Petlaca 5 years ago

Just as good poems as this one emerge from the bottom of the heart, great!

Mark Psychedlic profile image

Mark Psychedlic 5 years ago from Birmingham UK Author

Thankyou, writing from the heart produces best results and I always write from my heart with all of my poems.

Sturgeonl profile image

Sturgeonl 5 years ago

I am not an expert at poetry but I compliment you on this poem. Well done.

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