Like an Angel

The smile on your face

The dimple on your chick

The texture of your skin

The hair on your body

They all make you special

You are one in a million

The look in your eyes

Reminds me one thing

An outstanding beauty

You are a damsel

Your voice is electrifying

Your hand is magnetic

You are incomparable

Every time that i look into your eyes

There is fire in there

Say your heart is empty

Say you have a space

Say you mean your smile

Say your smile is real

I will occupy any space

I will hold your hand forever

There is something about you

That makes me happy

There is a feeling in you

That makes me wanted

You walk like an Angel

Say this is true

I will never let go

You are like an Angel

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platinumOwl4 profile image

platinumOwl4 5 years ago

It is unfortunate that we are unaware that we are one of a kind. We spend so much time imitating others. Not knowing the person we are imitating could be imitating someone else.

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 5 years ago from Biafra Author

plntinumOW14...thanks for stopping by and for the comment.

gis_r07 profile image

gis_r07 5 years ago from Boston, MA

What a beautiful poem. There is an "angel" out there for everyone! Voted up and beautiful.

Neverletitgo profile image

Neverletitgo 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

I lke it! It is very nice piece. Thanks for sharing.


Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 5 years ago from Biafra Author

gis_ro7, thanks for your support and for voting it up.

Neverletitgo,it is always good to see brothers happy so thanks for coming by today.

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