Dressed in lavender satin, trimmed in white lace

Lila sat upon the dusty toy store shelf taking little space.

Long blonde curls framing an angelic porcelain face.

December fifteenth and she was still there
As the door of the toy store opened
blowing in cold arctic air.
The shopper left smiling with a small teddy bear.

December 20th was a very special day.
Mr. James stopped in and took Lila away.

December 22nd and Lila sat in a box
wrapped in paper with silvery bows.
Where is Lila going? No one knows.

Cindy James, almost eight was sitting on her bed.
Wishing that Santa would bring her what he had said.

"A beautiful doll, a friend for all time,
Someone to watch over her at night,
Then play with her the fist glimpse of morning light."

December 24th, Cindy James went to bed, after saying her prayers
She looked up and said, "Merry Christmas dear Lord,

May all of your wishes come true, thank you for everything
and all that you do."

December 25th, Christmas Day, Cindy opened up a very special box
and didn't know what to say.

Santa had kept his promise, Lila was a beautiful doll
Dressed in purple satin, trimmed in white lace,
Cindy beamed with joy.

Oh what a wonderful Christmas it was.
Oh what a wonderful toy.

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Denizee profile image

Denizee 6 years ago Author

Thank you - I wrote this piece for children thank you for taking the time to read it!

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