Lily Grace

We got a call, not one you choose.

It brought to us some bad news.

They said to us, 'a babe was born today'.

So my wife got in her car and drove away.

The trip was necessary to see this child.

In hopes she was alright......pretty, meek and mild.

The trip to the hospital took two hours.

You are so scared, that your stomach sours.

Your son is nervous about his kid.

God will take care of her.

He always will and always did.

You get to the hospital at such a fast pace,

because you want to see Little Lily Grace.

She's all hooked up with tubes and tape.

You can see her little face has taken shape.

So on this night Lily was born into our hearts,

to see her lying there hurts and smarts.

Just close your eyes and pray,

and you will see Jesus' face.

I know he will take care of our Little Lily Grace,.

I love you, Lily.

Love Pappy

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