"Lingonberry Love" - A Poem of a Berry and Its Jam

Lingonberry Jam
Lingonberry Jam | Source

"Lingonberry Love"

Lingonberry, lingonberry jam,

I thought you would be bland.

Now you're simply a berry

In which intrigued me in a way so grand.

Fun berry; my new love berry,

On my taste buds quite sweet;

On cinnamon bread - toasted -

You're amusing to eat.

With each bite

I'm enchanted even more.

Lingonberry in my Swedish jam,

You're a berry from fairytale lore.

I discovered a sweet tooth

For lingonberries and lingonberry jam.

I thought it would be sour

But every mouthful is a grand slam.


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© 2013 Alyssa Scheidemann

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