Liquid Mirrors

Liquid mirrors reflect the pain,

shimmering silver is to blame,

ripples roll out to the edge,

standing silently on the ledge.

Tears of solitude dripping nigh,

grey black clouds up in the sky,

covers my shame like a blanket cold,

where is my heart now it's been sold.

Further out I hear the scream,

footprints stand where I once been,

cradling torments like a child,

mirrors of liquid driving me wild.

Shouting your name has me numb,

waiting for you but you don't come,

my heart squeezed out turned to stone,

wailing in the shadows all alone.

Pride is a mountain I can't climb,

all I've got now is empty time,

patience is flowing from my brain,

being without you drives me insane.

Your laughter echoes across the lake,

my hand reaching out for yours to take,

but you seem to vanish in the spray,

nowhere to hear the words you say.

Just liquid mirrors in the pool,

seems I was taken for a fool,

alone in the shadows running untamed,

my reflection in the water has me blamed.

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Mark Psychedlic 5 years ago from Birmingham UK Author

Thankyou jenubouka

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jenubouka 5 years ago

I really liked this, the words are magically sewn effortlessly and flow nicely. One of my favorites of yours so far.

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