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I compiled a list of websites that I thing are great for downloading free e-books, most majority includes Internet marketing and home business e-books. None of the below wsites are affiliate site, I don't benefit in any way from recommending these sites. So heres the list: (free Christian E-Books) (technical e-books) (business and marketing e-books) (Christian e-books) (Christian e-Books) (probably the largest repository of e-books on the Internet. Mostly fiction) (classics on e-books) (software for creating e-books) (mainly in realm of computing, and IT) (a total of 3-4 million e-books)

I recommend foxit reader to read pdf files; it loads much faster, and it is a smaller software than Abode reader. Download it at:

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shoukat ali57 6 years ago

PaperbackSwap is good unless you have a problem and they're customer service is nasty. If a book is not marked received and you did not by postage & delivery confirmation from them you are out your books & cost of the postage. They charge a pretty hefty fee to print postage from their site as well as a fee to put money into an account to buy the postage. I've never had a problem like this with a trading site. Most all are easy to deal with when there's a problem.

mijed uye 6 years ago

Very good post. I already knew some of the sites but didn't know all of them here. Thank you very much for this post. It is really helpful.Fabulous post! Loved reading your great post, I always can tag it and I will vote up for yo

RogerB5 7 years ago

Very useful info, thanks

Romeo MacDonald profile image

Romeo MacDonald 7 years ago from The Netherlands

You have one good list of free ebooks online site. I hope you can include my free books about success, personal magnetism and law of attraction. We have the same goal of sharing information that can empower anyone. Thanks and more power! Here's the link for those who are interested in empowering themselves -

cbreceipt 7 years ago

Hey, don't forget my own internet marketing ebooks blog...

David 7 years ago

Thanks for the ebooks resource list. If I may add, I also found this website that provide free ebooks with master resell rights.

seo service guy 7 years ago

very good site for e- books , i have bookmarked it. thanks

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