Little Lilly, Ladybug - Poem

To Lilly

This little poem is about my dear little great niece Lilly, whom I just recently had the joy of meeting.

Her sweet little smile melted my heart and everyone else's around her.

Perhaps, after reading these words, she will melt your heart too.


Little Lilly, Lady Bug

She flies from place to place

Her hair is curled; her eyes are bright

A smile fills her face.

She loves to wave at everyone

As she hops from bloom to bloom

She brings a laugh to all she sees

As she enters every room

Her laughter fills the air

With songs that angels sing

And with a touch she’ll fill each heart

With love and happy things

But at the end of every day

When darkness takes the sky

The moon crowds out the glowing sun

And Little Lilly, starts to cry

She gives a yawn; her eyes droop low

As her mommy says good night

She lays her softly in her bed

And quietly turns out the light

And as she sleeps she’ll dream sweet dreams

Of another exciting day

Full of sunshine, flowers and fun

And Little Lilly, Lady Bug flys sweetly away.

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