Little Monsters

Little Monsters

I smiled, she snarled;
I grinned, she growled;
She mangled, I marveled;
She heathered, I howled.

I limped, she licked;
I pondered, she picked;
How do I know if this will stick?

I cringed, she swiped;
I fell, she pounced;
She’s feral, I’m hyped;
My god, she renounced.

I lunged, she thrusted;
I drooled, she lusted;
At this point, I think she’s trusted.

I swerved, she tightened;
I released, she eased;
She grabbed, I’m heightened;
She yelled, I’m pleased.

I breathed, she confessed;
She dirtied her dress;
She looked at me, I felt my best.

I am not the imposter;
I only filled the roster
As I lay with my little monster.

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