The Little girl in the mirror (Poem)

girl & mirror
girl & mirror

By: KyAuna Mills

Do you see her there staring at you now,
with her large brown eyes with one raised brow?
I see her in my mirror every single day,
Even somedays she asks me to stay.
Her black hair in tight ringlets you see,
when i look up shes always smiling at me.
Her cothes are all worn and antique
she has a tiny bit of blush on each cheek
She carries a dollie close to her heart
the dolls name i heard on a whisper its name is sweetheart
She worte her own name in her breath on the glass
she is my kind friend Izzy Morass
She says that she lives in my house here with me
She told me she likes to slide down the railing a quarter past three
She told me she would see me again the next day
and she said how next time we could play.
Though i don't know how to play with the girl in the mirror
i am afraid that i might break her.
Tell me you saw her, you did didn't you?
No you didn't? Oh ya i forgot ... you're in the mirror too

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Pachuca213 6 years ago

very interesting....

YoungWife profile image

YoungWife 6 years ago from Hayden, Idaho Author

Thank you, acctually i got the insperation from a dream I had. ( not the worlds best speller sorry) =D

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JadedLove 5 years ago

This is beautiful. sometimes when I look in the mirror I see a beautiful man. I just don't feel it.

YoungWife profile image

YoungWife 5 years ago from Hayden, Idaho Author

True beauty starts from within and then shines through us and shows itself upon our faces. You are a beautiful man.Take that to heart for I am a lover of beautiful things and do not tend to throw around the word casually.

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