Living Happily Never After.


Happily Never After.


As a father he

was a Popsicle,
as a husband

he was a snowman,
frosty glares and
bitter biting comments
exuded from his

icy countenance.

His families love

was a double layer
of insulation

worn threadbare,
their hooded

looks haunting
as they wintered

in his care.

Huddling under

the storms of his rage,
they endured

his chill factors,
until desperation

drove them out.

Then the desert

sun of loneliness,
left him burned out in a
two story walk-up

filled with the

emptiness of regret.

His meltdown

came when he
attempted to

reconcile with
his wife and son,
but they turned

cold shoulders,
to his weathered face
giving him t

he bitter taste
of his own long

prescribed medicine....

as their healing began.



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pbwriterchick profile image

pbwriterchick 7 years ago

A sad story.. and one that replays over and over...

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