"Lizard Play" - A Fable Poem

Mick the lime green lizard against the rock wall
Mick the lime green lizard against the rock wall | Source

"Lizard Play"

It's scorching here outside;

The sun's rays are too thick.

Jumping from the roof with a splash

Is a little, lime green lizard named Mick.

He desires a dip,

A swim in the refreshing pool.

He knows the cool hangouts;

The hidden jewels.

At first, he floats there,

On top of the surface - still as a stone.

Mick runs down a list in his mind

Of all those he will tell, so next time he won't be alone.

He zaps back to reality,

And Mick thrashes and paddles all around.

As he strokes to the side,

It's the custom rocks, he is bound.

Mick is up against the rock wall,

Half out of the water and half still in.

"Ah, this is the life.

I'm going to tell my kin!"

He climbs up and out,

Stretching from rock to rock.

It's time for Mick to head home,

Back to his bush down the block.


© 2012 Alyssa Scheidemann

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Phelcky profile image

Phelcky 4 years ago from Denmark

So cute! I wish I could join lizard Mick :)

Your Cousins profile image

Your Cousins 4 years ago from Atlanta, GA

This is a fun poem and I love the photo of Mick.

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