Lonely Beauty

Lonely Beauty

Beautiful girl, you do not shine anymore

could it be your confidence has fell to the floor?

Happy girl , you do not smile these days

is it that boy that had the hurtful ways?

You wait and wait alone to find,

someone to save you , to blow your mind

someone better than the person before

to ease your pain, to show your worth living for

How long will it last you ask, being alone

how long does it take to find a gold stone?

Beautiful girl , always have hope

love will find you , learn to cope

faith has its plan and will not let you down

now bury all of your sorrows, let them drown

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Angel_In_Disguise profile image

Angel_In_Disguise 5 years ago Author

thank you :)

misty95 profile image

misty95 5 years ago from uk

Nice read.

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