Long Ago Dream

When The Time Is Right

I sit here and wait
For the day I can be
With the one I will share
The rest of my life with.
He waits for me too
With arms wide open
And love in his heart
As I have in mine.
What will it be
I do not know
Good times and bad
That I do know
But if we are together
We'll make it through.
This I am sure of
As nothing ever before
When he loves me that much
If I do not grab it
And run with it
Then I am a fool.
Connection such as ours
Rarely if ever happens
So do I shrink from it?
No, I will take it to heart
And make the most of it
Sharing life and love
For the rest of our days.
And when my time is over
I can say I was truly loved
As only a woman should
The same can be said for him
He will know that
Because I will show him so.


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