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It was very upsetting to see Americans of all races take to the street to demonstrate the deaths of three harmless black men (youth) by police officers. Who in the cause of performing their duties used excessive force on their apprehended catch.

First it was the case of Ferguson where a certain Michael Brown became stronger than an armed police officer so he had to be shot.

Next was the case of a 12 year old black boy with a toy gun who was shot by police officer who did not even ask for his hands up and the current choke hold on another armless black man in New York.

Eric Garner died 43 years; Michael Brown 18 the other unnamed died 12. All three died in their prime. Perhaps the next Obama’s life was cut short by questionable police tactics. The deaths of theses three black males showed cases of police profiling against the black race and in the wider sphere minorities.

The irony of these deaths is the manner United States prides itself as the N0 1 democratic nation in the world with all races and religion living in harmony. The supposedly human rights nation of the globe seems to be embarrassing itself to the world.

Unfortunately no human rights body has come out with a strong statement to confront United States on the above issues, so it continues to play the hypocrite to the world gallery while their institution kills with impunity the destinies of minorities the Uncle Sam, the race war became so bad that an adult white lady with some republican portfolio spoke against President Obama’s teen daughters dressing at the country’s annual thanksgiving dinner at the white house.

It is pertinent to note that no public or adult figure has ever commented on the other children of past presidents of the United States. I will say I have not read any comment about the. But such changes when a mixed race president is in office! Next is the emails sent about Obama skin color the culprit was a big executive with Sony pictures in America. Thank goodness for hackers it would have never been known what people like that have been hiding.

A quick apology should do but I doubt if this is the last of the matter; it would depend on how many media are interested in the case against race determines.

So United States is full of race and racial issues that could be traced to generations ago, what gives this country the impetus to talk so vehemently about human rights and justice system in developing or other developed countries. The answer is not far fetched! The United States is now a fading super power but only United States would not agree. So like all dying giants hypocrisy is a normal behaviour.

By being the hypocrite United States faces sees the problem of other nations but wipes the very issues they are confronting many times by cohesive force down stream in their own backyard.

A country as the United States that can’t control by applying checks and balances on their institutions wants to confront Islamic States (IS) establish peace between Israel and Palestine people. A country where an adult verbally accuses the president daughters over their dressing want to tackle Syria and Assad why? At the same time want to dictate to the every run in hand to America how their own citizens should and authorities co-exist. What a laugh! The very substance missing in America, no more sheets the world has seen the brutality of police people in America, the calling of National Guard when dialogue could have brought peace.

This is the country that wants to arrest Al-Bashir of Sudan on criminal charges, a case of pot calling kettle black. Yet violence explodes all over American cities on racial and institution brutality yeah! The major difference between United States and the rest is to an extent they can still rally together and fight a perceived enemy; probably not as before but once the clarion call is sounded all would be USA &USA.

Maybe if Africa would do this leave matters that separate us and cling to issues that unite us the continent would be a better place. Immigration would be lower.

I wonder if Obama can’t wait to call it quits with White House, hey Mr. President Guantanamo is till open. Now trace this to an Africa country that promised an election reform that violates human rights and up till eight years on such electoral promises are yet to be fulfilled United States would all over the Africa shouting threats, aid would have long gone and travel ban would be in force some times the crippling sanctions would be used to punish such a leader.

The world through the United States spectacles has one law for the poor nations and one for itself. The underlying point it is a country with a badge of hypocrisy written and attributed to it.

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