Looking Behind My Shoulder

So this is it

It's been awhile since I wrote something down,

my mind, my soul, have been finally found,

jumped to my old poems, fell to the ground,

mending my old wounds, my feelings compound,

And all I picture when I read these things,

is a younger me crying on the swings,

just rekindled the feeling of what it all brings,

Memories of every single one of her poisonous stings,


I shouldn't be so quick to blame, the fault was my own,

Reasons I fell, originated from a crush full blown,

I've realized it's ok, I'm fully aware and it's shown,

Like the Dark Knight rose, I'm alive yet unknown,

I comprehend the situation I was in,

I know that it's all better now,

Let's hope I love,

Let's hope I live,

It's funny, I feel better but how....?

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