Losing My Mind One Marble At A Time

Losing my mind one marble at a time, as I work my way through my daily rhyme!

Get up in the early time shower, dress, breakfast, fix hair, and brush teeth.

Doing rather fine I think I’ve got all marbles in my mind.

Glasses, where are my glasses no wonder I can’t see straight!

Now I am losing my mind one marble at a time.

Ah I’ve got em, specs go on!

Ugh, straighten clothes; fix hair again, now that I can see how bad it all looks!

Time check, should have left five minutes ago.

Rush off to classes spilling marbles from my mind all the while.

Am I going crazy, becoming a little bit insane!

No just losing my mind one marble at a time.

Ending my rhyme I can hear the last few rattle.

Trying to keep my mind together with these last few marbles at a time.

I’ve got homework, papers, and projects probably be up past nine.

I’ll be working away losing my mind one marble at a time.

Hit the hay best I call it day don’t want my last one to slip away!

Now I am regaining my marbles one Z at time until I restart my next rhyme!

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Hillbilly Zen profile image

Hillbilly Zen 5 years ago from Kentucky

Very cute! Hang in there, chicklet, but be warned - unfortunately it gets worse as you get older :p

Dina 5 years ago

This so true I remember feeling the same way about college! Acctually still feel that way at times.

Jamie Holt 5 years ago

So I should probably get me a hubpages account so I so can follow you because I really like this posting too you have such a unique style of writting I love it keep up the good work!

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