Lost Dream

It is a story of a girl who wants to spend her life with her lover, but he has left her on the mid way and never understands her feelings.

I have lost my precious dream,

That I saw with open eyes,

Where I plan things;

Manipulate according my wish

The dream to live my life with yoouuu My Love!

The dream that brings me to you.

The dream that changes my life-

First bring me to sky and

Then mingle me to dust.

My dream was your company

You gave me physically.

I need your support

you hold me closely;

I wanna thine few words

You lock my lips with yours.

I wanna a world of mine

You make me worldly. . .!

Wanna to be happiest

gave me reason for life-long tears.

I wanna be only yours

And you make everyones. . .

My little dream to live a life happily

Now is only in dreams!

A broken dream makes my life only to think.

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IntegrityYes 4 years ago

I voted up again, Anupma.

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IntegrityYes 4 years ago

That rocks! Way to go,Anupma! I voted up.

anupma profile image

anupma 4 years ago from India Author

Thanks Sanjeev g

sanjiv nigam 4 years ago

The poem is high on emotional quotient. An expression of an unfulfilled dream which could have been a reality but for the less sensibility shown by the lover.Although the poem is written in English, its feel is Indian.

anupma profile image

anupma 4 years ago from India Author

Yes ROBERTHEWETTSR, w must be optimistic. Life has both aspect- happiness and sadness, we must enjoy both. Thanks for your kind comment.

ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

ROBERTHEWETTSR 4 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

How true it is that we want that love to last forever and always be fresh and new. Sadly, it sometimes ends in broken dreams, but with hope, we can move ahead and never give up the search for true love. You write really well Anupma. Robert in America

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