Lost Myself (poem)

In a dark an unused corner of his mind

Resides the child he used to be.

A boy, once caring and kind.

An innocent soul, pure and clean

Sheltered and hidden in that distant place

Hiding forever from this, the human race.

The man in front of you doesn’t remember

What it was like to be cared for and safe.

Now jaded, bitter, and mean.

Scars and wrinkles adorn his face.

He lied to himself for an eternity

About who he was, and what he’d seen

Fact and fiction became one reality

His true identity lost in the wake

Of the crashing wave pushing him onward

Stand up straight

Take it like a man.

Don’t be a coward.

Learn to take a stand.

Pretending to ignore the troubling scenes.

The violence and hate,

The sins and their sinners,

Bask in their normality

The origin of every scar,

Indelibly burned in his memory.

Now wondering where that child had gone,

Disappeared like the morning frost.

Was this broken man all that remained?

And that feeling of safety, or love, is it forever lost?

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Bk42author profile image

Bk42author 3 years ago from New York

Beautiful poem. It is sad when we get caught up in the stresses and trials of life and how cruel it and people can be. We forget what it's like to trust and have faith in others. Thank you for sharing!

Jodah profile image

Jodah 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

Great poem, truthful and sad, but life can do that to us. Some of us have our childhood cut short or snatched away from us. Voted up.

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