Lost in the City

Lost in the City

At some point, a while ago
My aspirations began to flow.
They broke from their thread,
And left me for dead.

I drank my Kool-Aid dry
And I lowered my fly…
Oh, there’s nothing to feel
When nothing is real.

When my dreams molted
I should have revolted
And attempted to elope
With the final moments of hope

The blame can go easily
To him or her, but it’s me.
…there’s no horizon
With a blindfold on.

Like a house made of custard,
My swagger blustered;
And by this time tomorrow,
My goals are mere sorrow.

I suppose now that I know
That I have nothing to show,
I shall sit at this Juncture
Until I have insight to puncture.

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bellawritter23 profile image

bellawritter23 5 years ago from California

Great write! Sometimes we just need to look beyond the horizons and see that there is way more to it then just that!

winks >_<


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