Lost withou You

Where am I without you ?

I can't find myself...

can't think

can't breathe

my heart is being squeezed 

at the thought of being without you

living without you

living my nights without your touch

It's a loneliness i can not bear

I am lost without you

I am here

in solitude

my thoughts are too many

they are all screaming at me

screaming WHY DID I LET YOU GO !



What  am I doing here without you?

Why am I here without you?

What am I going to do

I can't live without you next to me

who will guide me

who will shelter me

who will love me like you used to

who will make me explode with emotions

who will make me smile and feel warm inside

who , who will do this now that you are gone....

I am lost,

navigating without direction

I can't see

somebody help me please 

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Dchosen_01 6 years ago

nice song....

Or is it a poem???

myyrosas profile image

myyrosas 21 months ago Author

Hello, have not been here for a while, just read your comment. I wrote it as a poem, It could be a song, if you interpret it that way. For me writing is an art to be interpreted in different ways by the receiver. Thank you for your comment and for having read it as well.

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