Patience is needed, of which I require.

Stubborn as I am to get this far,

An unconditional “yes” can’t be too much to ask?

How long will I wait before my destiny is decided?

Will it be weeks, or several months just to spite me?

No matter what though I’ll come out fighting!

I’ve battled through and always tried my hardest.

I stood standing when I should have just rest,

But I rebelled and fought through to take the final tests.

Here I stand now looking back in disbelief,

How did I manage with all the years of grief?

Strength is within me, as is stubbornness.

But patience actually is there, hiding, under the surface.

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ralwus 6 years ago

Tribulation worketh patience. yes. I find that to be so true, and you and I have had our share for sure. xox CC

Georgie98 profile image

Georgie98 6 years ago from UK Author

Yep, I think what is needed is belief now. I just need to believe in myself. Everyone else seems to believe in me, I just can't quite grasp it!

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