Back and forth for so many years,

Staring at her own wondering how they appeared.

What should she choose? She just can’t decide,

Does she just sit back and watch others pass her by?

As she strengthens, her choice becomes much clearer,

Her determination is strong and she is very eager.

Now her mind is made up to make her creation,

Again arrives the decision of her strongest fascination.

Much time passes, and of which comes no answer,

Does this mean her passion shouldn’t be done? Is it Karma?

Maybe it is, or maybe it’s not,

Maybe she is looking, but there is a field she has forgot.

Suddenly, like a light bulb, an idea finally shone,

She sees that field and knows it is the one!

She is angry for not noticing all these years,

But the emotional smog surrounding her had created many fears.

Such a personal touch to her creativity,

She laughs as some might believe it is fantasy!

Back and forth again for such a very long time,

Contemplating when to approach the starting line.

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NikiiLeeReyes 6 years ago

I love this its absolutely wonderful!

Georgie98 profile image

Georgie98 6 years ago from UK Author

Thank you very much! I've never written in third person properly until this poem, so I'm glad it's liked! Phew! :)

Sa`ge profile image

Sa`ge 6 years ago from Barefoot Island

This is a delightful poem I enjoyed reading it. voted up and danced on the rest of them tabs. :D hugs :D

Georgie98 profile image

Georgie98 6 years ago from UK Author

Oh thank you sage! What a wonderful comment! :D

alvinalex profile image

alvinalex 5 years ago

Beautiful Hub! Thanks to share

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