Love Food and Live Well by Chantel Hobbs: Book Review

Chantel Hobbs as well as an author is also a life coach and fitness expert, and she uses all these skills in this book to, Lose Weight, Get Fit and Taste Life at it's very best (cover).

Chantel's acknowledgement page gives you an insight to her personal reasons why she wrote this book. She brings the reader into her personal life introducing them to her whole family and explains why they are important to her. She also gives testimony to her faith in God and her Savior and how they are an intricate part of her life as well.

"Admitting that your not in control and living like you really believe it are huge! If you learn this well, it will change your life," Chantel (pg8). Hobbs cautions the reader to consult their personal physician before starting any diet program. She has worked closely with experts in medicine,nutrition and physiology to bring this program to you. Another great tool in your arsenal she says is having a positive attitude. Chantel also states that a good relationship with God is another positive step in reaching your goals. With God in your corner any fight whether its weight or self-esteem is winnable.

After letting God back into her life (she calls it her Lazarus moment), she shed 200 lbs and authored four books, all because God became her partner in her weight-loss and workout life.

From the time you open this book the inspiration starts flowing from every page, from the battle over blue jeans to brownies, birthdays,cruises,celebrations, inspiration both physical and spiritual oozes over your eyes and mind. One of the more inspirational quotes from the book comes from her chapter called, God offers you the deal of a lifetime, "...two deal points brought me back to God. Or perhaps the deal points introduced me to God in a way I never known him before. The first is that we must grasp the extent and power of God's love for us.The second is that it's futile to try to do life on our own.We will fail every time" (pg 53).

Hobbs also educates you on the nutrition of the foods you eat, from the good and bad carbs all the way to, "does that snicker really satisfy?" In her interval traning she gives you an exercise regiment that helps guarantee your success and breaks down all the particulars like metabolism and heart rate.

Chantel Hobbs sums up this book (and her life) best by saying, "After writing four books and producing a learning system fr weight loss and fitness, I can see that God continues to use me as a voice of real-life experience. A big part of my message is this: let me help you stop sabotaging yourself and your life. I know from hard experience, how to overcome self-defeat."

Chantel Hobbs has accomplished many things with this book. She will inspire you, help you make the right weight loss deal and give you the fitness plan to accomplish all of it. Most of all she will tell you, you don't have do this alone, for God is with you every step of the way.

I received this book for free from Water Brook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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