Love Me Tender

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AmO Images


Just another reason why I shouldn't lie,

About the way I feel inside,

Open your eyes there's a world to see,

Sometimes I wish I was bird set free,

I want to fly the world more than once.

Maybe an actress like Kirsten Dunst!

What you see , is what you get!

That's why I came into this world wet,

Dripping with love and devotion,

My innocence, my passion, and my emotions,

Was blessed from God up above,

The reason why my mother fell in love,

I'm a blessing in disguise,

But those who know me, may say other wise,

But what you see, is what you get!

And that's why I entered this world wet!

Dripping from head -to-toe with love,

And only a blessing that could come from above!

Cause once again… I'm called love.

Written by: JLono

Copyright 2010

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ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

ROMANCER OF LIFE 6 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii Author

Thanks you agaglia! I'm glad you liked this one. I think you may be the only one for this hub haha =-) Thanks for stopping by.


agaglia profile image

agaglia 6 years ago

Oh. I liked this one. Also the photo is exceptional. nice.

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