Love Never Loses That Feeling

One last gulp just washes it down
It helps me get back to my sleeping
You sit in your silence not feeling
You never smile when I'm healing
I borrow the guilt without dealing
We never just talk without stealing
You close your eyes without blinking
You read my thoughts without thinking
Then sit all with smiles as I'm sinking
Could this be the cause of my drinking

Your saying it's true just keep talking
Watch me get into it if you want more
She's beside herself but alone next to me
Slowly giving head to me forgiving all
Your through with me for now anyway
That's what they must have done to you
Star crossed like lovers come screaming
Since love never stops you from healing
Where do our lives cross over that line?

Taking something and giving it in trade
For more of something that is not yours
So much worse than that it was before

You fight with guilt when I'm feeling
You rise and ride while I'm all reeling
I swallow salts when you're kneeling
We both lie with states at the ceiling
You close my eyes when I'm drinking
You read my thoughts without blinking
Sit still and just smile as I'm brinking
Could this be the cause of my sinking

She's beside my side halfway into me
Her body is held pinned right next to me
She's beside herself but not inside herself
I don't care anymore just keep on talking
Who she is who am I when she's with me
Laying beside myself halfway into it deep
Blood draining from hearts barely beating
Even love never keeps you from stealing
Whom do we choose to serve this time?

There's a war and it is going on all night
There is a party on and you're all invited
You leave all your bullshit at the door

You talk of truth without speaking
You're wise upright when I'm deep in
Unzipping it just like I was thinking
We never take the deep seated empty
You never talk when you're blinking
You never laugh loud without reaching
Unconscious thoughts as I'm peaking
We lie as we stare blank at the ceiling
One last gulp is what washes it down
It works if nothing else has meaning

Just like the way that our
Love never loses that feeling

© 2012 Bibi

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Vincent Moore 4 years ago

This is simply brilliant,yet painful. I hung on each word and felt the impact of your observations, it's amazing how people can treat one another. You expressed yourself beautifully, your feelings flowed like a river to the vast ocean of despair. I loved this piece, simply simply wonderful. VOTED WAY UP and shared.

bibi16 profile image

bibi16 4 years ago from Phoenix Arizona Author

Kewel Vincent. Thank you. LOL

dmop profile image

dmop 4 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

You are a gifted writer and I appreciate your work, thanks for sharing.

bibi16 profile image

bibi16 4 years ago from Phoenix Arizona Author

Thank you thank you and thank you so much. I appreciate your words. Thanks for playing dmop. To the left y'all...LOL

honcho poncho 4 years ago

Grrrr great!

bibi16 profile image

bibi16 4 years ago from Phoenix Arizona Author

Thank you Honcho Poncho , you sound like you need to gargle. LOL!!!

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