Love Poem: The Uncertainty of Love


A Little Explanation

This is a poem I wrote about my first kiss. There are a lot of certain things about love, but more often than not, it is fueled by impulse, fear, and a whole lot of uncertainty.


I am in your arms,

Your face is ever so close to mine,

my hair is stroked,

and my face carressed,

by your soft small hand,

you move in,

you kiss me,

my heart jumps,

my brain numbs,

my soul sings,

but you are a battlefield of emotion,

you love every moment of it,

and hate yourself all of the more,

you are confused,

mindless of direction,

praying to Saint Anthony,

to show you the way,

You are afraid of losing me,

But how could I,

when you are holding on to me,

ever so tightly,

How could I ever stop loving you,

when after all,

You showed me what love is.

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Kamren 23 months ago

That inhtisg's perfect for what I need. Thanks!

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