Love Poem: "You Matter Most"

"You Matter Most"

I am not lying,

when I say,

that you are beautiful,

I am nothing but truthful,

when I say,

that you did show me,

what love is,

I used to be scared,

of things like this,

but you took that fear away,

When I first saw you smile,

You wonder why,

I treat you so great,

treat you so special,

and wonderful,,

as if you were a princess,

How can you wonder,

when after all,

I am your knight,

in shining armour,

You say how I am sweet,

and ever so gentle,

But if I was not,

how would I be showing you,

that I loved you?

When our eyes meet,

they hold a conversation,

When your big beautiful eyes,

look up into mine,

they tell me,

just how much you love me,

I love how you love me,

and make me feel special,

as if I matter,

When after all,

you are the one,

who matter most.


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