Love and Humanity Pg 5 - (First Novel)

Full Documentary: by Oscar-winning Director Kevin Macdonald

By natalielucier
By natalielucier | Source

The spin cycle of love

Love is in the air, its Valentines Day, or it just was and cupid fired a billion arrows at some lonely folks seeking out what is their deepest pleasurable desires. Finding and meeting that lucky someone, and when two opposites attract is a special occasion indeed, and definitely as the glued eyes thing occurs so suddenly.

Finding your soul mate however isn't the easiest task to have partaken in, and may require an extra push that may only come from divine assistance for the most part. So with that being stated, where is the love when it comes to those folks who appear to have fallen out of its sensuous loop of sorts.

By natalielucier
By natalielucier | Source

Taking a course turn of direction

Yes, life is rough at times, people lose homes, lose jobs, lose their cats and dogs, and even their wicked step mother who was actually a witch at heart and in reality to them (Oh how mean she was, the wicked witch is dead!).

One thing that hurts to the core of any human being is when a heart is literally ripped out of its warm and comfy positioning, by a ex-lover who was damned to do the inevitable, if their so-called true love was false from begin with.

Oh yeah! Cheating has occurred and was the overly identifiable culprit behind such a hearch aching wound or sorts. "Wow! why did you ever think that such a relationship, would ever have a chance in the first place." The funny thing is, that when they first had a chance to meet one another, all he was doing is staring at her buttocks, and breast all day and night long. Go figure!

Maybe those two individuals decided to fall in lust, or one of them did for sure, and the other was in to deep, knee high into the thick of playing the birds and the bees love game. What hurts even more then having a broken heart, and it happening on per say multiple occasions, is when a person begins to defend oneself by not letting love return back in, and by building up massive gates or also known as personal firewalls.

"Some circles are designed to be broken, but many will falter to one day become loops made of fire." All quotes are originated by Mike Pugh aka Cloud Explorer.

By Pink Sherbet Photography
By Pink Sherbet Photography | Source

Love has returned

You gotta love when that person who had done all the worst things in the book to you, just up and decides to come back, like in the case of Rihanna and Chris Brown's relationship to quantum leap back into your love nest. What a way to go, and how tough a situation of the heart it must be to not wanna let go completely. Is this the true fabric of what defines soul mates, well to tell you the truth only the divine knows, and only time will tell the all out tale of twin cities for those sickly love birds.

The bigger question is, why does the heart do this sort of thing in the first place?

Well since we're only human, that also means that we are completely and utterly imperfect, and the judgement of ones heart upon another individuals is solely unpredictable. Believing for a minute that two hearts cannot be intertwined as one, would be like saying that its impossible for a woman to give birth to babies, its utter nonsense. Us humans are capable of joining hearts, minds, and potentially even our spirits as well, and all on the unseen levels of existence.

Some people believe in spiritual life, spiritual beings, and a higher power known by various definitions and titles to be the one and only creator of all, and love in itself derives from such a manifestation as well.

This might just be the very reason for such an occurrence of star crossed lovers, and if the ancient mystics are correct on this, well many millions of people whom have yet to be born are already destined to meet such a fate as well in the unforeseen future.

Scratching on the surface of loves door means your only human

By Pink Sherbet Photography
By Pink Sherbet Photography | Source
By Pink Sherbet Photography
By Pink Sherbet Photography | Source

When love penetrates deeply

Having a true love life, and finding your center of the universe is the core reason many of us are in existence on this amazing space of a revolving sphere. The green tapestry, the massive terrains, the scorching hot moments that force our skin to perspire. Would then somehow have absolutely no true purpose at all, if there wasn't a such thing as true love in the air and at all times. Now, as for falling deeply into it all, and as if you just got pushed or shoved off of a cliff, well this sort of thing is not a joking or laughing matter in life but does require deep sensual kisses, unforgettable smothering hugs, and maybe even bathing one another in soothing lathery oils.

This undertaking of the heart also requires deep breaths, long winded inhales, tiny miniscule exhales, and a gradual undertaking of feeling like your life has just got swept off of its pinky toes. You are the fine member of a elite class of taken hearts now, you have no way out, but every way in. This is how it feels to fall head over heels in love with someone.

"The mere hand off exchange of a single rose, can potentially steam up some loving interactions."

To cute not to share a love like this

By Pink Sherbet Photography
By Pink Sherbet Photography | Source

A True love story

Her eyes are like gemstones just gleaming at yours finger tips, then your lips within a moments reach of hers. An explosion and eruption like no other is due to occur any minute now, yup this is it for you, you're finished. Its where the battlefield and all the worthwhile fighting internally begins to keep such a love at bay, its something that we all have the true potential for going through, and when the moment is right, there's no holds barred.

That's when the sudden not so wet kiss happens, from a close encounter of two fallen victims, of that infamous love bug's mating call equation of sorts. Eyes clutching like two vice grips, that have converged upon first sight and acknowledgement of the other.


Glued to each-other

We stop at nothing to grip at each other, all day and all night even. Desperation becomes a long distant memory, and lust, well that guy definitely has no place where true love has found its nest.

This is the stuff where true legions of loving families are born, a dynasty like no other. Our animals instincts kick into overdrive and we're surmounted onto this new waveform of self expressions to churn out to our counterpart. This feeling begins to emerge slowly but surely and you know, that your heart is in some deep (good) trouble now.

"For I have now truly found my invariable other half, whom makes me feel whole."

Yup, here it is, that very day to finally come where someone crawls up, a new comer with their cool looking eyes that look like yours, and says. "Mama!" That's the day when the very first deal was signed, sealed, and delivered by Mr. Pelican.

"Its a good thing indeed that I've fallen deeply for you my dear." Is the only thought that a heart could possibly murmur then, at such a time, as these love birds now will envision their partner subconsciously at all times, and especially when apart at a mere inch or more of a distance as they stare at their beautiful offspring.

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carol7777 profile image

carol7777 3 years ago from Arizona

Relationships are a mixed bag of emotions. I cannot understand accepting people back after violent behavior. People rarely change or if they do it is very temporary. However you brought out some very interesting thoughts here and well written as always Cloudexplorer.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 3 years ago from New York City Author

Hey @carol7777, yay I'm glad you decided to jump in here, yup the up's and downs of relationships is definitely worth taking a quick stab at. This part of my first novel is like a sort of grand opening to the subject, and I'll do my very best to revisit this subject in a much more intimate form for sure in the near future.

Thanks for giving it a good read, and rave review as well, I truly appreciate all the support I can get on it all.

Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

Great write here again. Must go back, as I believe I have missed one or two. Too cute is your pinky toes saying. True love, yes, I think it is human nature to desire it so much, that we mistake it often for lust, and then we are disappointed as it is not lasting. Or we are either in such a hurry to find true love, and the same happens. True love is unconditional and can deepen over time and, yes, all of that other does go right along with it, but we must never mistake the difference and wind up with a broken heart. I see where a lot of those who start out as very good friends, wind up realizing they are in love, the real deal, as they have taken the time to really get to know that person, and then the love for that person matures and grows into something much deeper----real love.

Voted up +++ and sharing (well, will have to come back to share, as the buttons are not showing on my end at the moment)

God bless, Faith Reaper

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 3 years ago from New York City Author

Love is a very interesting topic to write about, as I have experienced much of it, and much from being loved by others as well as falling head over heels for many ex lovers, as well as my wife today.

I felt compelled to finally come up with a worthy topic to place such writing into, and now it has arrived and I'm so glad that you chosen to share this with me, it is a feeling like no other on the planet. I think all creatures have the capacity to love, and it can be seen for sure through the way each animals family group of members choose to care and share with one another as well as play as they go through their lives.

This is where I first had witnessed such a truth as a child, and besides learning from the affections being shared to me as a child by my beautiful mother. Oh how I miss her so, and cannot wait to meet her some day again up high in heaven.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 3 years ago from Southern Illinois

Awesome and a beautiful write. We all have people in our lives who are special. I miss my mother too, but know i will see her again..Thank's cloud..Excellent..

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 3 years ago from New York City Author

Wow Ruby, you Faith and Carol are following my Novel here every step of the way, I am so happy y'all chose to do so, its helping me to tell if I'm on the right trach and all.

I have many more pages to go, and I thank you once again for your kindness being rendered towards me.

Love is an essential aspect of being a member of any community for sure, and I just hope more folks can begin to rethink their ways of showing and sharing such a true feeling with their loved ones.

Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

Came back to share, as I said I would. Don't know what is up with my share buttons, as sometimes they do not show up and then later on they do?

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 3 years ago from New York City Author

Cool stuff Faith, thanks for returning to share as you stated, yeah my FB shring button has been failing as well, and even if it shows up, it hasn't been completing the share onto my Facebook timeline. I think hubpages is having issues with them for sure.

torrilynn profile image

torrilynn 3 years ago


i like your article here about love and relationships. i do think that its takes a long time to find your soul mate and that it does not start with first locking eyes. i do find chris browns and rihannas relationship strange indeed, he did what he did and yet she went back, as almost in all cases of abuse. valid points and explanations you give throughout your article overall.

voted up and shared

Vellur profile image

Vellur 3 years ago from Dubai

Great write and insights into love and relationship. Finding true love is rare you are lucky if you do. Taking back someone really needs a big heart - a big, generous heart. Frankly I think it is foolish. Great write once again and voted up.

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Voted up and awesome. Relationships are various and each so different from the other. The ones who find everlasting love and companionship are the lucky ones. A loving and warm relationship with friends and family is also something special. Great pics and video. Passing this on.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 3 years ago from New York City Author

@torrilynn, Thank you so very much for your kind words, for sharing with me and for that rave review of my 5th page of my non-fiction novel in the making here.

Yes indeed to find ones soul mate surely may take divine assistance I do believe. As for Rihanna and Chris Brown is concerned I'm no one to play judge but they may be headed for some rough times, but I shall pray for them for sure.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 3 years ago from New York City Author

@Vellur, Thanks bro, and yes it is a tough thing to accept a long lost love back into that swollen, wounded and aching hearts corridor, you bet.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 3 years ago from New York City Author

@Gypsy Rose Lee, Thanks again Rasma for the loving support, yes indeed it takes tender loving care, and kindness that is unwavering at times for a true love relationship to last, I must concur.

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