Love by Design (A Poem)

Love by Design

I spend a lot of time;

Just thinking about prose, rhythm and rhyme.

It seems that the right words are hard to find.

Sitting here writing poems about love by design.

Carefully choosing the written words line by line.

Writing words about happily ever after,

And the dreams of what comes there after.

I read them back, trying to hold back to laughter,

Even though my life feels like a disaster.

I guess, I'm still just trying to convince her,

by trying to make her smile brighter than the sun

Giving her the gift of my words, before she says that, "We are done."

I just want for her to know that she is my only one,

And I'm still hoping that what we have isn't gone.

Still, I wish I could hold her until the dawn,

And I still want to show her,that there's still magic in the moonlight.

I guess I sitll believe in love at first sight.

I pray for our love with all of my might.

I wish I could still hold her, close and tight,

I don't ever want to miss a chance to kiss her good night.

Maybe I'm just wasting my time,

And possibily I'm out of my mind?

Trying to twist word around, into the right romantic line,

While I still feel so heart-sick and blind.

Am I affraid of what may be left behind?

Maybe she'll think that I'm being childish and dumb?

Maybe I've hurt her so much, that her heart is numb?

But when I think of her, my heart still beats like a drum.

I'm still looking for the right chord, on her heart strings to strum.

Maybe by reading cheesy, juvenile poems-

she might smile just for fun.

Maybe I should have just sent her flowers?

Instead of trying to be clever and writing for hours.

But, I needed to take a chance at what could still be ours.

Because even in the spring,

love can come pouring down on you like rain showers.

And sometime the right words have magic powers.

Even though, my ryhming is bad and my spelling is too.

I want you to know that my thoughts and words are true.

I wish I knew a better way, but this must do,

I just couldn't think of a better way to say, that I love you.

So, as I scratch my head, trying to think of the next line,

I hope by reading this, I didn't waste your time,

And maybe while searching your heart, it's me you'll find.

By reading this goofy, long poem,

Full of never ending horrible rhyme,

That I just gave the title of "Love by Design."


Copyright 2008, StJames

All Rights Reserved.

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