Love in Distance


Honesty is our trust’s chassis

Then trust will be our cornerstone

for an unremittingly kinship

God will be our looker.

Even we are miles apart

Being fair is the most important

I will never let your heart

to give rise any doubts.

I will be honest and true

I will be fair to you

And will not let your heart weeping

And leave you struggling.

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snowdrops profile image

snowdrops 4 years ago from The Second Star to the Right

Long distance love?..very nice poem. If you have time, you can check the hub of spy, it's all about long distance relationship..

xBlizz08 profile image

xBlizz08 4 years ago from Laoag City, Philippines Author

Thanks for reading my very first poem in hubpages snowdrops. Yeah, this is about a long distance relationship. I was just emotional during this rainy afternoon that drives me to wrote this one.

lifeoflata profile image

lifeoflata 4 years ago from Tacoma Wa

Nice poem xblizz, I can relate to the long distance thing, it's sucks, but if you get through it, it only makes you stronger. voted up

xBlizz08 profile image

xBlizz08 4 years ago from Laoag City, Philippines Author

You're very right lifeoflata. If a couple can endure all the waiting. That will be a very great romance for them. Unfortunately, the fact tells that only a few are surviving this kind of relationship these days because of too many temptations. Thanks for reading my poem and the vote up as well.

profile image

lovedoctor926 4 years ago

Very nice sentiments in this poem. Now I have this one song stuck in my head: some people are made for each other, some people can love one another for life, how bout us?

xBlizz08 profile image

xBlizz08 4 years ago from Laoag City, Philippines Author

thanks for the comment lovedoctor. I really believe with your song, though it was not only some people, all people was destined to each other. So, even how much you avoid being inlove if you met him or her already, there will be a time that you two will unite for the cause of love.

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