Love in todays world

Love prospered face to face,

instead of a profile on myspace,

a time and a place to meet ,

instead on posting a quick tweet,

holding hands in love,

instead of clicking poke from a link above,

wondering what your love is doing next 

instead of sending a quick text 

In the world of today how do we know love is real?

there is no waiting, excitement passion , ordeal.

Faith brings two people together , not a friend request

Bring me back in time, where love shun the best.

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Wayne Adam profile image

Wayne Adam 5 years ago from Parrish,FL

Ah,back to the days of face to face romance.

Good poem, like the pace and tone. :)

maria.rose profile image

maria.rose 5 years ago from Florida

I’m really glad you enjoyed this hub so much. nice poem........

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