Love poetry in english

I Love you
I Love you
loving wallpaper
loving wallpaper
child love
child love
Simply love fame
Simply love fame
Simply heart love fame
Simply heart love fame

The Kiss

Even all those years ago
I can still remember
exactly how I felt
as my father lifted me
above that open
wooden box.

I have an image
of the face that greeted me:
wan and wax like
lying there motionless
as if it were part
of an adult game.

There in a drawn-curtained room,
I can still feel the hand
that pushed my head down
and ordered me to kiss
the expressionless face
of a man...

who in the half dark
looked a bit like
my Grandfather.

Ian Bowen

Dreaming Of

Unintelligent words, from an unintelligent mind.
Thinking of simple things that might not even rhyme
Why do I even try, I’ll probably end up a mime.
These words wont reach anyone farther then this line.

I try to hard at everything, and my hopes are far to high
I seem to let my self down, far to many times
But don’t worry, your not worthless, please don’t cry
There’s plenty opportunity here, let your mind fly.

You can reach your wildest dreams they say, only if you try
Well what if my wildest dreams even exceed the sky
No one want to listen, and no one wants to try
My wildest dream are made up of saving man kind

We’re poisoned to believe that selfishness is the way
And when people need a dollar it’s to cozy up their stay
To rotten their body more and to drink away their day
I don’t understand, so this is what I’ll say

If a car ride means a life, then why aren’t we retreating
We should be lining up, instead of keeping them from eating.
“they are scummy and disgusting, they don’t disserve my dime.”
Come on, really? They’re just putting in their time.

Today in church, I heard my pastor say, words of meaning, things I don’t hear every day
In a different situation, in a different kind of hand, if we were born differently we would be just like them
It hit me in the heart, and stung me in the brain, maybe im not useless, I’ve just been trying the wrong thing.

So this is it for me, I wont give up this time
I’m putting in my dollar and putting in my dime
I’m convinced that one day I will change the worlds mind
And all of us together, we will save mankind.

Bailey Burris

I am

I am
Outspoken yet sometimes i can be shy
I am
Not afraid to get burn, break my heart and cry
I am
A pacifist, there ain´t nothing better than
To hear the peace breeze over our destiny
I think I could be
More determined and maybe a little less stubborn
Take it lesson by lesson and try to learn them
I am
Free to be whatever I may want to be
I am
Not afraid to say I do sometimes feel caged
I am
A believer, there ain´t nothing better than
To believe the stormy sky will reappear clearer
I think I could be
More aggressive and maybe a little less comprehensive
Maybe sometimes people truly mean what they say
When being distractive.
I am
Just like a pretty yet fragile butterfly
I am
Not afraid to experiment different flowers spread my soft wings and fly
I am
A perfectionist, although I know u´re not
Gonna find perfection in me
I am
Not embarrassed to apologize when I know I was wrong
That´s not gonna stop me from feeling strong
I think I could be
A little like you, a little more like me
I am not ashamed to say
When in the dimmed light by the sunset
You look my way, and my concerns melt away
I am proud to say
I am me.

Nina gáspari

you're beautiful

Kindness is beautiful Talent is beautiful beautiful is sweet beautiful is great beautiful is love beautiful is power I am beautiful you are beautiful we are beautiful

Aisha Patterson

If I could tell you....

If I could tell you
What you mean to me
Yet my heart feels blue
My lips stay sealed
I should stay away
So nothing’s revealed

If I could tell you
What I feel deep inside
Yet I feel such a fool
My head does know
You deserve more
My feelings can’t show

If I could tell you
How much I really care
Yet it hurts its true
My eyes can clearly see
While yours are blind
You’ll always mean the world to me


in the picture

photo composed as most pros would teach:
figure and ground-you're alive on that beach;
inside floods the grief that drowns with no sound-
here's nothing now but ground, the ground, the ground

Glenn Bagshaw


I have known the inexorable sadness of pencils,
Neat in their boxes, dolor of pad and paper weight,
All the misery of manilla folders and mucilage,
Desolation in immaculate public places,
Lonely reception room, lavatory, switchboard,
The unalterable pathos of basin and pitcher,
Ritual of multigraph, paper-clip, comma,
Endless duplication of lives and objects.
And I have seen dust from the walls of institutions,
Finer than flour, alive, more dangerous than silica,
Sift, almost invisible, through long afternoons of tedium,
Dropping a fine film on nails and delicate eyebrows,
Glazing the pale hair, the duplicate grey standard faces.

by Theodore Roethke

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harnoor 4 years ago

love is for ever in life ;love is never die

alaiza jhoyce 4 years ago

more nices !

FARHANHADI 4 years ago


abdullah khan 4 years ago

very nice

umar zeb khan 4 years ago


f@ri 4 years ago


waqas ahmad 4 years ago

love never fail, People fail in love.....

mehtab 4 years ago

you're beautiful

Kindness is beautiful Talent is beautiful beautiful is sweet beautiful is great beautiful is love beautiful is power I am beautiful you are beautiful we are beautiful

laj khan 3 years ago

i can fake a smile,i can pretend to b happy, i can do a lot of things.but i can't pretend that i don't love u

laj khan 3 years ago

love is like a sweet pain

Zr Sh 3 years ago


English poems has no sense

Doesn't give the feeling and touch the heart

they're all like positive n negative statements, lol

Zr Sh 3 years ago

There's no word in English or any other western countries languages to describe LOVE,

But only Persian and Hindi/Urdu.

English poems are really senseless.

cheetah girl xoxo 3 years ago

i love the poem 'if i could tell you' it is the most lovely poem i

have ever read!!!!!

mian lovely 3 years ago

very nice owesome

asifa 3 years ago

so nice

rai iqbal kharal 3 years ago


rai iqbal kharal 3 years ago


juck torson 3 years ago


3 years ago


asif 3 years ago

heart touching

lv 3 years ago

Very nice

jennifer 3 years ago

wow nice Love poetry, really awesome.

you can also read love letters here.

hashim 2 years ago


KHAN 2 years ago


abdullah shalmani skt.....mkd 2 years ago

So beautiful...nice

Malay 2 years ago

Very bad Urdu poetry is much heart touching then English

jh sayyar 17 months ago

rindkaro profile image

rindkaro 6 months ago from Sweet Sindh Author

Thanks for all

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