Oh B, The Things You Do to Me.

Oh B, The Things You Do To Me.

Why can't she see she's the one for me,
Just like Taylor Swift sings in her melody,
Love, passion, and kisses too,
That's all I've ever wanted from this girl I knew,

I always have to day dream about her smile,
Because she never has a chance to stay awhile,
For one moment I wish I could tell her twice,
She was so beautiful to me always in my eyes,

I'd tell her she was gorgeous and precious everyday,
Maybe go an get her flowers because it was Wednesday,
Cherish every moment like if it were the last,
No one would get in the way of what her and me would have,

I wonder happy sad now while sitting in this room,
With nothing but my music playin' slow jamz to this tune,
I'm left out in the dark with a broken smile today,
If I had one wish,
It'd be to be with her one day...

[oh B the things you do to me]

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gabbywazhere 6 years ago

hey this is really good do u make these up

Richlove profile image

Richlove 6 years ago from Denver,CO Author

yeah I make them up I got alot on my facebook and myspace blogs

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