Loving You Makes Me Feel Insane

I have this bizarre feeling for you.

It baffles me and a sort of bashfulness is within me

Should I ask or should I find the answer in my own?

Is this so what we called love or just simply infatuation?

It confuses me at some point,

but I swear, I’m glad to be your friend.

On the road to let you know

You make me smile even we’re miles apart

You make me so high like no one

could reach as I'm in the sky.

Your love makes me so weak

because we couldn't meet

every week.

You kiss my nose like a rose.

You taste the grapes on my lips.

So sweat and so loved it.

And now, I’m obsessed.

I’ll be leaving soon.

I’ll be going somewhere.

I’m sad and pestered.

I’ll be far away from you

and from home.

I’m hopeful to see you again

when I get home.

Only you can make me feel this way.

I’m glad to recognise you,

I’m contented to have you

and I feel safe to be with you.

Now, two hearts in one,

wishing that no one can make us apart.

My love, I am willing to change

Because loving you is very strange.

Loving you makes me feel insane.

Copyright @2012 Lanzskie. All rights reserved.

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