Loving to read

Reading is FUN actually. I wonder how many of you out there loves to read. Whether they be books, magazines, articles or other types of reading materials online and offline.

Some people, though are so distance from reading. Once I talked to a few guys I know about the habits of reading or the love of reading . The answers were quite as what I had expected from some. NO time. Not interested. Boring. Reading are for nerds. Wasting-time. Look silly.

They rather waste their time shopping, playing computer-games, sit-around idling or engrossed in facebook, twitter or whatever technologies we have now.

Pity that they missed the fun of reading. Libraries being built are for the books to be read. Sadly speaking, I noticed that the number of readers in any libraries dwindled due to other things occupying the mind nowadays. I’m not anti.modernization or not tech-savy as they say. It’s just that I saw time being wasted by people in doing some silly mindless things rather than sitting and engrossed in reading.

I learned English by reading English newspapers and even read comics. From there the love of reading had already started when I was young. I mixed around with friends who love to read rather than playing silly football or wandering aimlessly and nothing else to do.

From reading some books I had learned many amazing things that I had never knew before. I found precious knowledge and discoveries of many undiscovered things. I had made friends with many individuals around the world who love to read. We exchanged books even.

We had discussions on certain things like politics, religions, life and many other things through the books we read. We kept in touch online mainly to talk about books.

Reading is tremendously fun and you should try to read some books and start campaigns so that your friends, family, colleagues or kids also engaged themselves in reading and organized fun and interesting activities to encourage reading to all.

I am lucky that my place here we had government bodies or private organizations organizing events and gatherings just for the sake of gaining knowledge through books. We do it as often as we can. Thankfully it bore fruits for us as many came and joined the fun.

Yes…reading is fun. You should try it. It’s some kind of therapy for the mind. I knew it.


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