Lower Lip Bigger Than His Chin

Lower Lip Bigger Than His Chin
Lower Lip Bigger Than His Chin | Source

Don’t go holding that lower lip against our buddy Schmuel, ‘cause that lower lip is the proud heritage of 17 generations ranging back to Poddebice, an early-17th Century shtetel outside Lodz, Poland. It is clearly apparent on man, woman and child alike in many of the family photos collected in Schmuel’s dusty leather-bound volumes.

Not only is that proud lip a distinctive familial marker, but also a convenient sartorial aid. It prevents any chicken broth or elusive fragment of matzoh ball from staining an otherwise quite snappy heart-speckled shirt.

That heart-studded shirt is also a bit of a familial maker, as all the members of Schmuel’s big-hearted clan — kind and friendly folk loved by one and all throughout the neighborhood — like to array themselves in miniature valentines.  

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CMCastro profile image

CMCastro 6 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

GOD BLESS The Inhabitants of Poland!!! LOL!!!

rickzimmerman profile image

rickzimmerman 6 years ago from Northeast Ohio Author

Artur Rubinstein would be proud of you, CM!

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