Lucky Bets - The secret to winning at gambling

Oh, gambler, listen close.
I’ll tell you the trick to earning your fortune.

Luck likes sweet.

Bring on the treacle and luck will cling to you.
Douse yourself with honey.
Wash your hair in maple.
Wear clothes made from sugar cane with candy ribbons for decoration.

Cloak yourself with a molasses vest.
That’s the trick that works the best.

But, remember luck is a fickle bird who offers no guarantee.
So, when it leaves you short of cash and covered with flies,
don’t come crying to me.

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Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Interesting read and an important message in it too.


Leafy Den profile image

Leafy Den 6 years ago from the heart Author

Thank you Lady_E for reading and for your comment.

Jay C OBrien profile image

Jay C OBrien 2 years ago from Houston, TX USA

The secret to gambling and winning is to become the dealer.

Leafy Den profile image

Leafy Den 2 years ago from the heart Author

Jay C OBrien, good point! LOL!

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