Lucy Pinder and Katie Price will Fight on TV Burp!

Fight! Fight! To See Who is Right!


Further to Star Magazine’s interview with Lucy Pinder in which she branded Katie Price as “vile” before saying she wouldn’t dignify Katy “Jordan” Price’s rather rude comments about her with a reply – there are more developments according to our inside sources.  This is really hot celebrity gossip!

Enter contoversial Harry Hill, erstwhile comedian, newest host of You’ve Been Framed and the eponymous Harry Hill’s TV Burp (currently showing back to back on ITV early Saturday evenings).  Harry intends to apply his patented “fight test” to the problem – thinking a duel will solve the problem once and for all by identifying who is wrong and who is right.  According to the modern “fight test”, developed from medieval judiciary process, the winner is right and the loser wrong – the “fight test” is therefore totally unambiguous. 

Unfortunately we, the viewing public, will neither get to see all of the fight nor will we be informed of its outcome.  This is because – as with all the “fight tests” staged on Harry Hill TV Burp the fight will only start in the last few seconds of part one of TV Burp and will end during the adverts.  As with all “fight tests” staged up until now, Harry will not reveal which of the celebrities (Katie Price or Lucy Pinder) wins.

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Heard it ALL Befo 7 years ago

Hey Wilma - you write some excellent stuff. I read articles usually because they are SO bad! (I have a strange sense of humour). Your articles are funny but because they intend to be. Thanks.

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