Luna Chaotic Poem and Analysis

Luna Chaotic

Oh holy and bright White Moon, cleanse this world of sin.

Shine full that pure light on the darkness se we may win.

As you clear the clouds from this dreary, dead place.

Bring happiness to this land with longevity and haste.

Hello stable and mundane Yellow Moon, keep sanity in balance.

Cover our heads with fog that leaves us wanting neither bliss nor malice.

A level in which war or Eden will not manifest; a total state of neutrality.

Moon; halve our expectations with that dull glow of futility.

NO! Rare and horrific Red Moon, time to scorch and destroy land.

You eclipse us with destruction and terror with you judgment hand.

Crush the hopes of these humans with despair and carnage!

Forever create nothing but zero, for all time ruin and tarnish!


This poem was written in ode to the moon. I have a great fascination with the moon and its lunar shapes. I also have a greater interest in its colors. I have seen yellow, red, and white moons in my life. I wrote the poem in an AABB. A four lined stanza with lines 1 and 2, 3 and 4 rhyming with the end of each word.

The white moons are always mesmerizing to me. The way they look so clean and pure. That is the reason why I gave the white moon in the poem so many holy properties. Like if it was an angel watching down on us. Watching and guiding us in the right direction. It makes Earth a great place to live on; a heaven for all of us.

The yellow moon is kind of in the middle. It doesn’t create Eden but it isn’t bad either. I wrote it as what Earth is right now. Sure there are good things in life but there are also bad things too. I think I have seen a good amount of yellow full moons in my life. Its better when it’s a full moon because the color is amplified massively and the yellow color is definite.

Red moons have always scared me a little. I think the first time I saw one I got frighten at the mere sight of it. I thought the end of the world was coming. I can count on two hands the amount of red moons I have seen. There rarity also adds a level of mystery and suspense when one does come back up. Especially the red full moons are the most fearful ones. I wrote the red moon as if it was the devil. Overseeing Earth and readying its attack on us. Leaving Earth once again in ruin and returning Earth as it once was in the beginning of its life. I also read that red moons happen when forest fires are burning. Thats cool I think.


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MOmmagus 8 years ago

I really like that poem (and the moon), thanks for sharing it with us.

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