Work from Home and Make Money Online by Becoming an oDesk Provider: How to Make Money from the Internet

ODesk is one of the largest online marketplaces where freelance providers (freelance writers, web developers, data entry specialists, virtual assistants) can search for online or part time jobs, and buyers can choose from thousands of providers worldwide. The jobs are as wild and as varied as the myths and legends about the late King of Pop, and to say that there is something for everyone is bordering on an understatement. If you’re looking for a way to augment your present income by working at home and making money on the internet, oDesk is a good place to scout for opportunities. Similarly, thousands of people around the world make a living solely on writing for oDesk, or rather, writing for buyers in oDesk.

At present, there are more than 200,000 freelancers registered with oDesk, and probably growing by the minute. But there are also hundreds of thousands of possible freelance jobs posted everyday so there is much to be gained from joining oDesk.

Signing up for oDesk is free

To join oDesk for free, you simply have to go to and create an account. As with any other site, you need an existing email to confirm your account. So if you don’t have one yet, create one now and remember your username and password.

oDesk allows for different types of membership, all of which are free. You can sign up as buyer, freelance provider or as a provider company. Our interest is becoming a freelance provider so tick that:

After that you will be taken to the standard form which you have to fill-up with your name (can be real or made up), email address, username and password. You will also be asked to pose a security question with an answer. Remember this security question and answer, because you will need it when you want to make monetary transactions in the future, ie, withdrawing your earnings from oDesk to your bank (to be discussed in another post). You will need to confirm your account through the link sent to your email.

You need to complete your profile and complete some tests before you can bid on any project.

HubChallenge Day 1

First of hopefully 30 hubs in 30 days.
First of hopefully 30 hubs in 30 days.

Take your time in completing your oDesk profile

Many providers are discouraged from joining oDesk because of the relatively comprehensive profile requirements needed to be completed before you can have your profile displayed in oDesk’s roster of providers. There are four steps you need to complete:

   1.   Verify your email address

   2. Fill out contact information

   3. Complete your oDesk Profile

   4. Accept the oDesk Marketplace User Agreement

After completing these four steps, your profile will be displayed. This only means that, say, a provider searches for “writer”, your profile will be shown together with the hundred others who expressed competencies in writing.

You don’t need to complete your profile in one sitting. You can do a little every now and then – it may take a few hours or several weeks. Remember to go for the quality of your profile, rather than aiming to finish it in one hour. But you can always edit your profile, so whatever works for you is fine.

But this does not mean that you can bid for jobs – yet.

Take tests to bid for jobs

Another thing that sometimes discourages would-be providers is the necessity to take test for eligibility. Taking tests actually have multiple positive effects:

· It increases your application limit. Taking and passing more tests will enable you to bid for more jobs at any given time. If you believe in probabilities, more bids mean a bigger chance of getting hired. Simply put:

  • It serves as a pre-qualification requirement. Buyers usually specify what they want a provider to be. They will limit their job opening to those who have passed certain qualifications, in this case, tests and certifications. This "filtering" service is provided by the marketplace, and buyers will get notes on whether a candidate meets the qualifications or not.
  • It boosts your profile. Buyers will naturally pay more attention to a provider who has taken several tests compared to one whose profile is so bare. So make sure that you get tests related to the field you want to specialize in. Especially if you ace a certain test, you will have a medal, as an indicator that you have placed high in the test.

The one test that is mandatory for all oDesk providers is the oDesk Readiness Test for Independent Contractors and Company Managers. Even if you take dozens of test, you still cannot bid on anything if you haven’t passed this particular test yet. Which is understandable, because the oDesk readiness test ensures that you understand the way oDesk works.

Apply for jobs and earn money!

Now that you have completed your profile and taken the necessary tests, go apply for jobs and earn money! Depending on your appetite for work (and for income), you can maximize your allowable applications at any given time. There is no specified turn-around time for buyers to hire. This means that one buyer can hire within the day of his job posting while others will wait for the last day to hire (a job posting lasts for 30 days, and then it automatically expires).

Think hard about the rate you will ask for. You can change your rate anytime – you can increase it and you can also lower it. You are also allowed to specify your rate for every single bid, your hourly rate is only an indication of how much you will be asking for.

Lastly, make sure to get a positive feedback from your buyers. Feedback is almost always the first thing buyers look at so make sure that yours is good.


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mommyfreelancer profile image

mommyfreelancer 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hello, all! This is my first hub in the 30day HubChallenge. I would love to hear what you think. Cheers!

Uninvited Writer profile image

Uninvited Writer 7 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

And a well-done hub it is :) This is a great overview of ODesk.

"The jobs are as wild and as varied as the lmyths and legends about the late King of Pop"...this made me laugh

mommyfreelancer profile image

mommyfreelancer 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you, Uninvited Writer. I thought that line was most appropriate :)

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas

Your hub looks great! You're doing a great job! I like that line as well.

mommyfreelancer profile image

mommyfreelancer 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you! Am lovin the HubChallenge! :)

564626 7 years ago

great post

mommyfreelancer profile image

mommyfreelancer 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you. This is my first post on the HubChallenge. I'm glad you liked it! :)

takeyou profile image

takeyou 7 years ago from Los Angelos

i'll try odesk since i have some skill they ask for


mommyfreelancer profile image

mommyfreelancer 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Yes, Takeyou, do try oDesk. They actually pay well, you just need to establish yourself as an expert writer and you can command your price. Do email me if there is anything I can help you with. Good luck!

Bbudoyono profile image

Bbudoyono 7 years ago

Thanks for this informative hub. I am your fan now.

mommyfreelancer profile image

mommyfreelancer 7 years ago from Philippines Author

You are most welcome, Bbudoyono. See you around! :)

Helen Cater profile image

Helen Cater 7 years ago from UK

I am going to check this site out. Will I have to have affiliates there too as i am finding this difficult on here.

mommyfreelancer profile image

mommyfreelancer 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi, Helen! No, you don't need to have any affiliates. You just need to nominate a payment method (for oDesk to transfer your payments to you) - this can either be paypal, payoneer, or a local bank in the US. Their office is located in Soquel, CA, I believe, so local banks are okay.

Good luck!

Helen Cater profile image

Helen Cater 7 years ago from UK

Great I checked out the site can you give me a guide to the sort of questions on the english tests. I tried to find a trial test to see if I am dumb lol. After all these years i'm surprised I can even spell.

mommyfreelancer profile image

mommyfreelancer 7 years ago from Philippines Author

The tests are timed, usually 40 minutes, composed of about 40 multiple questions. Questions range from pronoun use, articles, conjunctions, to sentence structure, tenses, S-V agreement. I am sure you can do it! :)

masmasika 7 years ago

Hi, another great hub. Keep posting cause I am one of your fans.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

Hi Mommy, Thank You so much for this fantastic hub. I look forward to signing up for ODesk.I am grateful because I do not have a tech mind set and ad sense is less then apealing for me. Odesk is a means I can relate to. God knows how much time I have spent on ad sense trying to put it together to avail 5 to 10 bucks. I see you were nominated in 50 favored hubs, way to go. I was nominated as well I am thankful as there are thousands of wonderful authors. I have a host of new friends at hub pages. This new fan will return. You are bookmarked. Check my hub 'butterfly' when you are having a not so grand day. I hope it lifts and inspires you. Blessings .

mommyfreelancer profile image

mommyfreelancer 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi, Skye2day! I completely understand how you feel. I am enjoying it very much here in Hubpages, but in the 2 months I've been here I haven't earned $10 - something I can easily earn from oDesk for an hour's work. But the potential here looks good and many people are devotees. So I am balancing the 2 for now. I don't think I will ever give up oDesk.

Goodluck on all your endeavors.

Forex Prophecy 7 years ago


Thanks for such a great opportunity.

I will certainly going to try it. Looking forward for

more relevant info.

All The Best

Sara Haley 7 years ago

I wrote an eBook for those trying to get into the oDesk marketplace as a freelance writer. Give it a peek if you'd like! :)

BookFlame 7 years ago

Great hub, wow. Really good info. I'm going to check it out.

markgormanpro profile image

markgormanpro 7 years ago from Florida, USA

Great job and explanation on what is available to us all.

Nice to know that their are great opportunities out their.

Keep up the positive work

Mark Gorman

Best Ways To Make Money Online Fast 7 years ago

Nice hub.. this is certainly something I will look closer at

FGual profile image

FGual 7 years ago from USA

This is a great explanation of Odesk. Just took five of their tests. Have not done any job yet. First day jitters,I guess.

Stacie L profile image

Stacie L 6 years ago

I've read about this and may be ready to sign up now, after reading your review.+)

sunretreat profile image

sunretreat 6 years ago from Spain

Hi.odesk sounds great I shall check it out today.I shall add you to my follow list as you may well have more good info.

Lita C. Malicdem profile image

Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

My daughter is registered as oDesk writer and I know it pays. Of course there's a lot of work to do there. I might as well try someday. You have detailed the rules and it sounds easy. Thanks!

MarianG 6 years ago

Very cool! Thanks for this! I've never heard of it before and it sounds like a great way to earn a little extra of the green stuff which we all need so badly now!

anonymous 6 years ago

hey! how come my security question in odesk doesn't work? and is it really effective? can I email you? I really need help. what's ur email?

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South

This is just the information I was looking for. Will follow. =)

Ahmed Jawad 5 years ago

Odesk the great site for every one, every thing very simple and clear, very very secure able site. I really want to work with Odesk more and more.

htodd profile image

htodd 4 years ago from United States

Odesk works Great for freelancers outside US ,Europe ..It depends on cost of living

Chan Kong Loon 4 years ago

Very helpful information for those who want to work online. Thanks a million

RieAvis 4 years ago

Have you checked out this is another site for work from home job,it is similar to oDesk but for full time work only.

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