Enjoy . . . .
Enjoy . . . .
Your chocolate ! ! !
Your chocolate ! ! !


 I dedicate this poem to all the women of the world, because chocolate comes in all colors.

                       My Cup of Chocolate

     If you try my cup of chocolate, you would know what I'm talking about. Flawless in complexion with a softness all around her mouth. Modest is her nature with a shyness deep within. Just one sip of my cup of chocolate, will make you warm my friend.
     I gently put my hands around my cup and feel her warmth inside. Then I put my cup to my lips and feel her eternal fires. I softly blow her cream away as if it were a tear. Man! Oh man! My cup of chocolate . . . none like this in years!
     If I could find the beans, my chocolate was made from, I'd plant a whole field of them for all the winters to come. So whenever I am ready for just one more cup. I'll put my water on the stove and turn her fire up. I'm so happy because I've got one more cup of that chocolate that's hot!


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Tyrone Smalls 6 years ago from Edi, Isl. Author

Do you guys still like chocolate . . . try this chocolate it come in lite, dark, and all flavor in between!!!

Tonja Scott 6 years ago


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Tyrone Smalls 2 years ago from Edi, Isl. Author

This for all you beautiful women...and everyone is beautiful! :-)

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Tyrone Smalls 21 months ago from Edi, Isl. Author

Enjoy my new ebook on Amazon Kindle Direct...Pages of my Mind/Tyrone Ylynd Smalls...

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Tyrone Smalls 14 months ago from Edi, Isl. Author

Hello Hubbers! I've been gone for a while...I'm baaaccckkkk!!!

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