Macabre Harvest

Macabre Harvest- 10/08/00

I broke my wings falling from the shattered sky.
When I hit the ground I felt the pulse of a thousand screaming voices.
I look up once more to view all I once loved,
As the celestial one-third fall from above.

The crimson poured from the broken heavens.
Seeping slowly into the dark earth with my fallen brethren.
A new dimension is formed by the fire that first created this earth.
A dark hand crushes the core bringing new birth,
To a world of endless sadness, and hurt.

The Morningstar descended into the ocean of oblivion
And pulled with him a part of heaven.

I ran to escape the fire; I did not want to become
United with the pyre of the rotting angels and the fallen one.
I fled as fast as I could before I was taken
But my soul ripped from me, forsaken

The tar from terra sank into my pores and into my veins-
Crushed my heart, tore off my skin and ripped my insides apart.
Now I am the dead that lives between the warm and the cold.
Forever roaming this earth to find my lost soul.

I’m now the shadow that dwells in the night,
The albino that wields the soul-reaping scythe.
I am the watchman and the soul keeper,
Fearfully known as the grim reaper.


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