Halimbawa ng Maikling Kwento sa Tagalog

Halimbawa ng Maikling Kwento

Philippine Literature is rich in different kinds of short stories that are written in the native language dialect Tagalog. I remember having this Philippine Literature class where we had to read a lot of short stories by Filipino authors. Although there are many Filipino authors who write in the English language, of course there are also many who write in the native language of Tagalog, even for contemporary writers.

There are many interesting Tagalog short stories and there are different genres. The older ones are usually called Tagalog Kwentong Bayan or folk tales even from pre-colonial days of the Philippines. Examples of these would be Mga Epkiong Tagalog that were written a long time ago by tribes and communities long before the Spanish came to occupy the archipelago. 

Maikling Kwento sa Tagalog
Maikling Kwento sa Tagalog

Maikling Kwento sa Tagalog

There are many short stories in Tagalog that are written by contemporary writers and there are also many resources you can get them from. Try your school library or maybe the local bookstore and surely you will be able to find a source for your Maikling Kwento sa Tagalog. But of course, the most simple and convenient resource for Tagalog short stories would be the internet. Imagine, you will not have to spend or go anywhere anymore. You just have to stay at home and you will instantly be able to get your copies of Maikling Kwento sa Tagalog. There are many websites on Philippine ltierature that offer Maikling Kwento free text. You should seriously check those websites out.

I have been really into Literature from the Philippines and I have noticed that there are many interesting short stories that are written in the native language of Tagalog. Some of them are even award-winning and internationally renowned contemporary Filipino writers. As I have said, the Filipino culture has always been rich when it comes to literature and this goes the same for Maikling Kwento sa Tagalog.  

Tagalog na Maikling Kwento

So what are you waiting for? It is about time that you nourish your mind with literatures that come from your own language and read more about the short stories that are written by Filipino authors. You are surely missing out on a lot of good readings and stories and you will not regret checking out the examples of maikling kwento sa tagalog from the Philippines.

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